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Stainless Steel Automatic Sole and Boot Washers and Hygiene Stations.


If you are looking for the manual or automatic stainless steel boot washers at competitive prices and whose quality and standard is very high, then we are who you are looking for. As recognized agents for SCM hygiene stations and stainless steel boot washers in the UK, we manufacture our equipment at very high standards and quality. We ensure that the steel used to manufacture our equipment is grade 304/316 stainless steel. Aside from manufacturing our up to standard equipment, we also try as best as possible to incorporate the customer requirements to the machines to ensure that they are as efficient and useful as the customer needs them to be.


The hygiene stations and boot washers that we manufacture are designed in such a way that they can be used every day, commercially, withstanding the pressure and providing the required results for a very long period. The automatic boot and sole washers can scrub the soles properly as well as the edges of the boots to perfection. The automatic boot washers are easily disassembled as no tools are needed during the disassembling process. This, in turn, makes the machines very easy to clean as each rotating tray and brushes are cleaned individually, making the cleaning process very thorough. Look no further if you are looking for high-quality stainless steel manual or automatic sole and boot washers. We manufacture the best.


Continuous passage 2 way compact sole washer Hygiene station for soles and hands semi automatic for soles only semi automatic sole and boot washers Continuous passage 2 way compact  for boots only Continuous passage 2 way compact for either shoes or boots walk through sanitiser bath type boot washer with removable brush tray Single station manual hose brush type
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