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Aluminium & stainless steel production and handling equipment for the food manufacturing,

packaging & pharmacuetical industries.   

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Stainless Steel Manufacturing & Equipment has been a reputable supplier of food production and handling equipment for many years. One of our areas of expertise revolves around the design and build of stainless steel food grade conveyors. These will serve countless purposes within the modern production environment. As we have adopted a flexible approach, this selection of modular and vulcanised belt conveyors will address extremely unique requirements. We have paid special attention to hygienic and sanitary demands, as these are undoubtedly present within many production facilities. Whether referring to food production and packaging or the pharmaceuticals sector, customers can remain confident that these conveyors are built to last and able to meet stringent demands. It should also be pointed out that these systems are made to order. Therefore, bespoke applications can be addressed with turnkey solutions. This will save the customer even more money while providing a higher ROI from a long-term perspective. Different industries and workplace environments will naturally need unique conveyance options. Not only should such solutions be streamlined, but they must boast only the most modern features. Our units are manufactured from high grade 304 stainless steel, while the conveyor belts themselves have been manufactured from  hygienic and yet extremely durable polyethylene modular links for the modular belts or food grade polyurethane for the endless vulcanised belts. The result is a robust food grade conveyor that is built to last and easy to maintain. So, it should come as no great surprise that many of our units have been employed within the food services sector. We offer numerous lengths and dimensions; normally determined after an initial consultation with the client.  Would you like to learn more or do you require a bespoke design for your production facility? If so, please speak with one of our trained representatives on 0121-661-6346 or contact us with the use of our online form.


Stainless Steel Conveyors (Modular Belt).

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