lazy suzy, rotary turntables, food conveyors, food metal detectors for areas where hygiene is a necessity such as production and manufacturing plants

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Aluminium & stainless steel production and handling equipment for the food manufacturing,

packaging & pharmacuetical industries.   

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With over 25 years of expertise, Stainless Steel Manufacturing & Equipment Ltd provide specialist equipment for hygienic environments, including food processing, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals. Our wide range of PU Belt Stainless Steel Conveyors vary in terms of the material they are manufactured from; whether its polyurethane or PVC - our conveyor belts offer suitability for your individual needs. If you’re looking to customise your conveyor belt why not give one our experts a call today!  Why polyurethane? Polyurethane is a polymer plastic that can easily be cleaned - offering added convenience. PU belts are made to last – meaning you can continue to use them time and time again. Why SSME? If you’re looking for reliability you’re in capable hands with us at Stainless Steel Manufacturing & Equipment. We create conveyor belts that ensure sanitation of raw materials and equipment is efficient and fast - ensuring there are fewer disruptions throughout the process and reducing the risk of any cross contamination. Whether you’re looking to transport raw meat, ready to eat food, pharmaceutical and medical equipment, our conveyors enable you to keep your products safe.

What industries do we cater for?

• Food processing

• Packaging

• Retailing

• Pharmaceutical

• Technology

Although we design our conveyor belts to offer convenience for the above industries, we can create a conveyor belt system that suits your industry needs, taking into consideration your specific requirements and accommodating for the space available within warehouse or manufacturing plant.




PU Belt Stainless Steel Conveyors.

PU belt stainless steel framed ready meal make-up conveyor Ready meal transfer convyor PU belt stainless steel conveyor with adjustable product guides PU belt stainless steel packing conveyor Click Here To Make An Enquiry!