lazy suzy, rotary turntables, food conveyors, food metal detectors for areas where hygiene is a necessity such as production and manufacturing plants

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Aluminium & stainless steel production and handling equipment for the food manufacturing,

packaging & pharmacuetical industries.   


Stainless steel and aluminium trays and trollies.

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Stainless Steel Manufacturing & Equipment Ltd has developed a variety of products in recent years, offering you a wider range to choose from. The services we provide are personalised to your specific needs - creating stainless-steel and aluminium trolleys that are unique to your company requirements! Do you work in an area where hygiene is to be taken seriously? Referring to medical care and food preparation, our trolleys are suitable for such industries because they are made from metals which are easy to keep clean - preventing the likelihood of cross-contamination! At Stainless Steel Equipment, we aim to meet your specific requirements regarding shape and size. Whether you work within the pharmaceutical or food industry, our team of experts produce a wide range of trolleys and trays (in various sizes) that can increase productivity, promote safety and ensure that hygiene procedures are followed. If you require a hard-wearing trolley, our stainless-steel and aluminium trolleys are idyllic - they can hold heavy materials and can be used for storage. Our trays vary in durability, making them useful for whole host of purposes! We have the understanding at Stainless Steel Manufacturing & Equipment, that your business is different to everyone else’s, hence why we manufacture trolleys that are specific to your needs. Are you looking for a stainless-steel trolley to store equipment in your workplace? If this is the case, our trollies are ideal because they take up little floor space and are highly efficient - keeping things in one place but in an organised manner. Ranging from our Carcass Hanging Rack and Stainless Steel solid shelf-rack to our Bespoke-Gastronorm Trolley -  we are confident you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for at Stainless Steel Equipment Ltd!


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