Cleaning your boots with Stainless Steel Boot Wash Stations

Are you looking to speed up the process of cleaning footwear? Perhaps you’re in need of a solution that is low maintenance and space saving? If this is the case, Stainless Steel Manufacturing & Equipment Ltd can help you!

Here at Stainless Steel Manufacturing & Equipment Ltd, we supply the Stainless Steel Boot Wash Stations that are ideal for all industrial settings, allowing you to maintain hygienic standards throughout.

Our boot wash stations are carefully designed for specific environments but they each perform efficiently, economically and reliably. A Stainless Steel Boot Wash Station will instantly encourage all staff members and visitors to clean their footwear before entering a hygienic environment, preventing the spread of contamination.

Manual Cleaning of Boots

Removing dirt and soil from your shoes can not only be time-consuming but dangerous too. How do you know whether your boots or shoes contain foreign objects like glass and toxic chemicals and contaminants?

Manual cleaning is a very dirty job (as you would expect) hence why the appropriate PPE is required. Cleaning your boots by hand is said to be less sustainable than our Stainless Steel Boot Wash Stations because water and detergent tends to be used excessively.

Maintaining Hygienic Standards

The cleaning ritual in controlled hygienic environments is most important. Controlled environments like preparation, production and processing areas require careful cleaning if you’re to sustain the highest standards possible.

One of our Stainless Steel Boot Wash Stations can reduce the cleaning load by automatically cleaning the sole, side and top of boots quickly and easily.

Investing in Boot Wash Stations

Offering a new and unique method for cleaning boots and shoes, the Stainless Steel Boot Wash Stations are a fantastic investment to make. Not only do they offer a more intense clean, they allow you to eliminate dirt and contamination, as well as eradicating the need for manual scrubbing which can lead to sweating!

Here at SSME, we supply a complete range of Stainless Steel Boot Wash Stations that are designed with your exact needs in mind. Whether it be a Semi Automatic Sole and Boot Washer or a Walk Through Sanitiser Bath, we accommodate all industries, providing you with a practical solution for cleaning shoes and boots.

Benefits of the Boot Wash Stations

When it comes to finding a more convenient alternative to manual cleaning, SSME have just the solution! We provide you with a hands-free solution for cleaning which in essence offers a fast, safe, quick and easy substitute for physically and manually sanitising shoes.

The Stainless Steel Boot Wash Stations are manufactured from the highest quality materials and are renowned for their reliable performance. Some of the Stainless Steel Boot Wash Stations include strong, thick brushes which can remove debris and dirt from all shoes.

As a result of our Boot Wash Stations being constructed from stainless steel, our units boast strength and quality, so not only could you benefit from Boot Wash Stations that are efficient, you’re bound to find a station that looks great in your working environment!

Our Stainless Steel Boot Wash Stations provide easy cleaning and require little maintenance, making them perfect if you’re looking to speed up the cleaning process, without compromising functionality.

Could you benefit from one of the Boot Wash Stations that we supply at SSME? Get in touch with our team of experts on 0121 661 6346 to find out today!

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