5 Reasons Why Food Businesses Should Use Stainless Steel Equipment

2020 has been a tough year for companies all over the world. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, some have had no option but to close their doors for lockdown whilst others have been faced with unprecedented demand and had to implement stringent safety measures to adhere to government guidelines.

As a result, many food businesses have decided to offer takeaway and pick-up services to support the fight against COVID-19. This means taking food orders online or by telephone, staggering collection times to reduce the spread and, where required, putting queue management strategies and one-way systems in place to ensure customers can maintain a safe 2 metres apart.

But this is not the only thing the food industry should be doing.

Here we look at 5 reasons why businesses should use stainless steel equipment for food preparation and handling areas:

  1. Easy to clean – the beauty of stainless steel equipment is that all it takes is a quick wipe down to keep it looking as good as new. And, because it’s low maintenance, staff can thoroughly clean it at regular intervals throughout the day – something which is more important than ever before.
  1. Long-lasting – by its very nature, stainless steel is one of the most durable metals on the market today. Not only is it less prone to physical damage, such as denting and scratching, but is resistant to corrosion, as well as wear and tear. So no need to worry about splashing out on stainless steel equipment every few months.
  1. Food safe – although it’s very unlikely that you’ll catch COVID-19 from food, it’s crucial that businesses don’t let hygiene standards slide. Unlike other metals, stainless steel prevents the growth of dirt, grime and bacteria – eliminating cross-contamination – and can maintain the freshness of food items too. Which is why stainless steel equipment is ideal for food production areas.
  1. Versatile – stainless steel has long been a staple in the food industry – from stainless steel sinks and basins to food metal detectors, conveyors, trays, trolleys and dollies. It’s a great choice for small tools as well as larger appliances.
  1. Cost-effective – all food businesses want to provide customers with the best quality goods – after all, their reputation depends on it! With that said, stainless steel equipment can help manufacturers to keep standards high. And the fact that stainless steel will last longer than other metals is a huge bonus and will help to keep costs to an absolute minimum.

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