Keeping Your Site Cabin Clean With A Boot Wash Station

Muddy boots. The bane of site cabin cleaners’ lives.

They spend most of their time keeping the cabin clean and spotless, only for workers to traipse in dirt and debris from outside. Of course, employees could wait for the mud to dry so they can brush it off before entering the cabin or, better still, leave their dirty boots at the door.

But muddy footwear is a potential health and safety hazard. It increases the risk of slips, trips and accidents on-site and, let’s face it, no matter how much time you spend bashing your boots together to knock off chunks of dirt, you can never be too sure that there are no foreign objects wedged in the soles or unwanted chemicals hiding.

The solution? A boot wash station.

Here we look at how a boot washer from Stainless Steel Manufacturing & Equipment Ltd (SSME) can help to keep your site cabin clean:

  • Maintain hygiene standards – it’s common knowledge that construction sites, preparation and processing areas must provide clean and safe welfare facilities for their staff. A great way to do so is to install a boot wash so they can clean their boots with ease and reduce contamination.
  • Reduce the spread of dirt – think about how many workers access the site cabin. There may be some who spend the whole day in the cabin whilst others pop in and out during the day for coffee and a biscuit, or to speak to a member of staff out of the cold. A boot washing station offers a hands-free solution for stopping mud and other forms of debris from entering your cabin – keeping the area tidy.
  • Maximise safety – expecting people to manually clean their boots is neither practical nor safe. It can be a messy job and, worst of all, boots can easily pick up sharp objects like glass, not to mention toxic chemicals and other contaminants. Using a boot wash will allow users to wash their boots safely in no time.
  • Convenience – gone are the days where you have to scrub the soles and sides of your footwear by hand. We supply automatic boot washers and semi-automatic stations which thoroughly clean boots. All you have to do is place your foot into the washer and push the button. The brushes will then start to rotate and the unit will control the dosing of water and detergent, making it more convenient for you.
  • Cost-effective – can’t afford to splurge on expensive equipment or to employ cleaners for longer hours? Fear not, we supply manual boot washing stations which are a cheaper alternative to their automatic counterparts. Ideal for small to medium-sized processing areas and plants – and available in 1-4 stations – these are perfect if space is a luxury and encourage staff to clean their footwear properly on entry and exit.

Think you could benefit from a boot wash station?

Great! Get in touch with the team at SSME today. We have plenty of options to choose from, including automatic and manual boot washers and automatic sole washers that mechanically remove debris from the soles.

Simply give us a call on 0121 661 6346, email or fill in the online enquiry form. We would love to hear from you and will do everything we can to help.

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