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Do you work in food manufacturing, packaging or pharmaceuticals?

The coronavirus pandemic has shaken manufacturing industries profoundly. Increasing demands have put more pressure on staff – calling for longer working hours – and production and handling equipment has been used more than ever before. Though it’s important we all remain positive and get a firm grip on our finances, many businesses in this field are having to invest in new/additional stainless steel equipment sooner than they anticipated. Are you the same?

If so, here we look at some of the best stainless steel equipment you can buy:

Boot washers

Manufactured from high-quality stainless steel, our boot washing stations are designed to withstand the rigours of processing and production plants.

There are various types of boot washers on the market today – and available to purchase here at SSME – including automatic sole washers and manual units which are ideal for smaller companies with fewer employees. Though an automatic boot wash takes care of the arduous work for you, saving you the hassle of scrubbing the soles and sides by hand, both are suitable for all types of footwear – be it mucky work boots or safety shoes.

Changing room equipment

Whether it be benches, lockers, boot racks or coat hooks, we have an extensive range of stainless steel equipment for changing room facilities.

Stainless steel changing room equipment comes in an array of shapes and sizes, so you should have no issue finding something suitable. However, our best advice is to ask yourself what style of benches will work best? How high and wide can you afford to go with lockers, and is there room for steel shoe racks?

Arguably the best thing about stainless steel coat hooks is that they can be placed on walls, above benches or on cubicle doors to make it easier for workers to hang their belongings and keep them safe during their shift. Perfect if space is at a premium.

Food conveyors

The no.1 choice of the food industry. Stainless steel food conveyors are great for speeding up the production process and can either be fitted into your existing conveyor network or supplied as a brand new system.

We offer a wide variety of food conveyor belts, including:

  • Cone de-boning conveyors – ideal for poultry and meats that come from non-uniform carcasses.
  • Food grade modular belts – hygienic, easy to clean and offer a quick belt replacement as standard.
  • Rotary turntables – used in the food industry to assist with the distribution of food products and boost productivity.
  • Sandwich assembly conveyors – designed to transport every element of the sandwich to wherever it is needed throughout production.
  • Sanitising conveyor – used to sanitise raw materials in pharmaceutical and food processing industries, reducing the risk of contamination.

Food metal detectors

As their name implies, food metal detectors are designed to detect metal pieces in packaged and unpackaged goods. Depending on the model, they have a belt stop and alarm or a reject lockable box.

Available in an assortment of sizes, we are confident that you will find a food metal detector to suit your space and, more importantly, you can relax knowing that your food products are safe for customer consumption. So no need to worry about contaminated goods tarnishing your reputation!

Hygiene equipment

There are a number of steps employers must take to ensure maximum safety in the workplace – and investing in stainless steel equipment for hygienic environments is just one of them.

Suitable for damp environments, i.e. food and chemical processing plants, factories, restaurants, washrooms and changing facilities, stainless steel hygienic equipment is long-lasting and easy to maintain – allowing you to keep germs at bay. Why not take a closer look at our range of stainless steel hose reels, waste bins and bin bag holders, not to mention drainage systems supplied complete with gullies, grates and covers?

Step units

In an attempt to reduce the spread of COVID-19 and aid social distancing, many businesses have implemented one-way systems. Now for many, this has meant using previously unused spaces and, having stainless steel steps has proven incredibly useful.

The beauty of step units is that they provide a solid platform and eliminate the risk of slips, trips and accidents – both indoors and out. But that’s not all. They are easy to manoeuvre from one place to the next, so you can use them to access shelves or machines at height – preventing the need to overstretch and, in turn, injure yourself.

Trays, trollies and dollies

Metals that are easy to clean and maintain are favourable in production plants as they eliminate the risk of cross-contamination. At SSME, we supply a choice of cooking, storage and tray trolleys – all of which are manufactured from top-quality stainless steel (or aluminium) and can be wiped clean in-between use.

A huge benefit of stainless steel trolleys is that they take up minimal floor space, yet enable you to keep everything neat and organised.

Washroom equipment

Whether it be for food manufacturing, commercial kitchens, medical or pharmaceutical plants, you’ll be hard pushed to beat our range of stainless steel washroom equipment!

From knee and sensor-operated hand wash sinks to utensil sinks, bucket sinks and Belfast sinks, we have it all here at SSME. What’s more, we can supply stainless steel spray arms and taps to accompany your washroom equipment – making handwashing and cleaning a breeze.

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