The benefits of boot wash stations

No matter what industry you work in, it’s good to get into the habit of wiping your feet before entering – removing dirt and debris from the sole of your shoes or boots. However, boot washing is of paramount importance in controlled areas, such as food production plants and hygienic environments, as cross-contamination can occur at any point.

Cross-contamination can come from inside and outside the plant, so you need to make sure that you have the space and facilities to implement proper footwear cleaning and sanitisation. Before stepping foot in critical areas, staff must clean and sanitise their footwear for maximum pathogen reduction. The best way to do this? Consider investing in a boot washing station from us at Stainless Steel Manufacturing & Equipment Ltd.

We supply both manual and automatic boot washers that ensure staff’s hygiene when entering and leaving the production plant. Our boot washers are ideal for food manufacturing plants – especially where production meets clean zones – and offer an affordable, convenient and efficient solution.

How can you benefit from boot wash stations?

  • Easy to use

No matter which of our boot washing stations you choose – whether it be an automatic boot washer or manual boot wash – they each guarantee fast and efficient cleaning of footwear.

Our manual boot wash stations allow staff to thoroughly clean and sanitise their footwear using a handheld brush on entry and exit. Automatic boot washing stations, however, save you the time, effort and mess of scrubbing shoes or boots manually. You simply place your foot into the washer and push the button and the rest is taken care of.

  • Reduce contamination

Having a boot wash station on the door as you enter and exit the production plant will help to eliminate cross-contamination. Not only will it protect your workforce and production line, it will also reduce the amount of dirt and bacteria that’s picked up onsite – targeting those hidden and hard to reach areas.

  • Robust design

Our boot washers are manufactured from 304-grade stainless steel and have a robust framework that makes them perfect for busy areas. All of our units feature an open design – making them easily accessible for routine inspection and cleaning. They are designed to withstand everyday wear and tear, offering a long-lasting cleaning solution for your industry.

  • Low energy consumption

Thanks to sophisticated technology, the boot wash ensures easy and thorough boot cleaning, whilst keeping energy consumption to a minimum. The automatic activation of rotating brushes and dosage of sanitiser ensures the optimum amount of detergent and water is dispensed for maximum efficiency.

  • Cost-effective

Being extremely efficient and easy to use, a boot wash station is a valuable asset to all businesses in pursuit of impeccable hygiene standards and will clean both the soles and sides of footwear. The best thing about our boot washing stations is that they are priced competitively and suit every budget.

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