Superior Stainless Steel Boot Washers Sanitise Your Boots

Does your employment leave you with dirty or contaminated boots? This can be the case in
many industries, including the food and pharmaceutical sectors. Stainless Steel
Manufacturing and Equipment Ltd are stainless steel and aluminium experts and we produce
high-quality Boot Washers for you to benefit from. Do you prefer manual or automatic Boot
Washers? You can choose from a comprehensive range of high-quality stainless steel
equipment and they are guaranteed to get the job done. How do these invaluable products

A Simple, Reliable Function

The boot washing process is similar for both manual and automatic models. All our Boot
Washers feature a stainless steel tank, which is tough and durable. Once the tank has been
filled with water and detergent, the brushes rotate to thoroughly clean and sanitise your work
boots. The brushes systematically clean your boots, including the sole, the toe, and the body
area. By standing on the Boot Washer or slowly walking through it, your footwear will be
cleaned quickly and effectively.

Washer for Boots and Shoes

This excellent Washer for Boots and Shoes is fully automatic, for ease of use. It has two
different circuits that allow for separate boot and shoe cleaning processes. How does it know
when to start the cleaning process? Clever sensors detect when your shoe or boot is in
place and then the cleaning cycle begins. This models comes equipped with six brushes –
two for the soles and four for the body of the boot. How easy is it to clean the equipment
after use? You can dismantle and clean the brushes and the main structure without the need
for any tools. Your time is precious, so this design is great for quick dismantling, cleaning,
and reassembling.

High-Quality Design to Last

Why have we chosen to use stainless steel? One of the most important reasons is that
stainless steel is highly resistant to corrosion. Think about what commonly happens to
metals that are exposed to water and chemicals. Corrosion eats through the surface
material, turning once shiny metal into an ugly, rusting substance. You won’t experience this
with our superb quality grade 304/316 stainless steel. It has outstanding hygienic properties
and is very easy to clean. What about its incredible strength? Our Stainless Steel Boot
Washing Machines are designed to last. What’s wrong with having a piece of equipment that
is great to look at? Stainless steel’s aesthetic appeal is undeniable.

Everyday Use

These Boot Washers are for everyday use. As it is designed for continuous passage, you
can locate it effectively and make its use compulsory. All your employees and staff members
can maintain the highest levels of hygiene by taking advantage of our Boot Washers. This is
especially essential in sectors that require stringent levels of cleanliness, including food and
pharmaceutical industries.
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