Why Your Business Needs An Automatic Boot Washer

Do your employees regularly trample mud and debris into the workplace?

It’s especially important that staff clean their boots or shoes before entering hygienic environments, such as production areas and food processing plants, to prevent the spread of contamination.

Whilst you could ask them to check their footwear on entry and leave them at the door if they’re filthy or wet, it’s worth installing a boot washer – either a manual or automatic system.

Unsure what an automatic boot washer is and how your business could benefit? Let the team at Stainless Steel Manufacturing & Equipment (SSME) explain.

What is an automatic boot washer?

An automatic boot washing station offers an efficient solution for scrubbing and disinfecting dirty boots quickly and safely.

These systems are made from 304-grade stainless steel, meaning they are extremely durable and can withstand various impacts. They’re also easy to clean.

Unlike manual boot wash stations, you don’t have to take your boots off with an automatic system. Instead, you simply stand in the unit and let the boot washer do the rest.

How automatic boot washing stations can benefit your business

· Safety

Manually cleaning work boots is not only an arduous task but can be messy too.

Using an automated boot washer removes the need to scrub your dirty footwear by hand, making it safer to remove dirt, grit, dust and any other potentially harmful contaminants.

These systems use rotating brushes and automatic dosing of water and detergent to dislodge any particles and sanitise the soles and sides of your boots. They also have at least one handrail to help users keep their balance.

· Efficiency

It’s much quicker for staff to place their feet into the trough, between the brushes, without having to untie their laces and scrub their boots.

These boot washers are designed to work quickly, getting through lots of boots in a short space of time.

Investing in one for your business will not only simplify the process of boot cleaning but will also enhance the productivity of your team – ensuring they don’t spend ages brushing their boots.

· Convenience

Boot washing couldn’t be any easier for your workers!

A fully automatic boot washer is sensor-operated, meaning users simply have to place their foot in the unit to make the brushes rotate. A semi-automatic unit, on the other hand, will begin when you push the button. There’s an emergency stop button within easy reach too.

Removing the brushes doesn’t require any special tools – allowing you to clean them and maintain hygienic standards without any upheaval.

Why choose an automatic boot wash

An automatic boot washer will come in handy if your staff need to clean their footwear before, during and after working on-site or entering sanitary environments.

Aside from being easy to use, boot washing stations effectively reduce contamination by targeting those hard to reach areas where dirt and bacteria could hide.

On top of this, automated boot washers make a cost-effective addition to your business, allowing users to clean both the sides and soles of their footwear whilst meeting stringent safety standards.

Invest in a boot washing station today

If you’d like further guidance on boot washing stations, the team at SSME can help. Just give us a call on 0121 661 6346 or email sales@ssmeltd.co.uk.

Already convinced that an automatic boot wash is right for your business? Then why not check out the different options available and let us know which best suits your requirements?

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