Everything You Need To Know About Boot Washing Stations

Health and safety within the workplace is of upmost priority.

One of the many health and safety concerns we can control is dirty shoes.

One piece of equipment that many businesses benefit from is a boot washing station.

Dirty shoes and boots not only create mess, but they also carry unhygienic materials that can cause contamination and increase the amount of bacteria in a space.

A boot washing station is exactly what you’d imagine. They’re stations in which your team can wash their boots or shoes before entering a specific place.

But how do boot washing stations work? Which industries benefit most? And what type of boot washing stations are available from us here Stainless Steel Manufacturing and Equipment?

Here’s everything you need to know about boot washing stations.

How do boot washing stations work?

There are two types of boot washing stations, automatic and manual.

· Automatic boot washing stations

Automatic boot washing stations are ideal if you have a large workforce who usually need to use the equipment at the same time.

 Usually operated by a button or sensor, automatic boot washing stations have rotating brushes that clean your boots, brushing away any dirt or debris.

It can save a lot of time that would otherwise be wasted having a lot of workers trying to scrub their boots by hand.

· Manual boot washing stations

Although a manual process, these boot washing stations are still straightforward.

Simply brush your boots or shoes with the water-fed handheld brush.

Although they take slightly longer to use than an automatic boot washing station, they are cheaper, making them a more cost effective option, perfect for smaller businesses.

Automatic and manual boot washing stations from Stainless Steel Manufacturing and Equipment are available with up to four washing stations included. This means footwear can be efficiently washed, with minimal time being wasted, enabling your team to spend more time on the job at hand.

Where are boot washing stations commonly used?

Boot washing stations are used in a variety of industries thanks to the ease at which they remove bacteria, dirt and other unwanted particles.

· The construction industry

Boot washing stations are especially popular within the construction industry.

Even the most organised construction sites are understandably messy and dirty places. Add the unpredictable British weather into the equation and they can cause very dirty shoes and boots.

To prevent any dirt from the site being traipsed into clean areas and cabins, boot washing stations give workers somewhere to clean off their footwear.

Not only does this mean clean areas are kept clean, it reduces the risk of trips and slips caused by slippery floors.

· The food industry

Food production areas need to be kept hygienic at all times, with various sanitisation methods being implemented to avoid contamination. One of these methods being boot washing stations.

· Agricultural settings

Likewise, boot washing stations can sometimes be found in agricultural settings.

This is to prevent any bacteria, pesticides or other dangerous chemicals being spread outside of the agricultural setting.

Could your business benefit from a boot washing station?

If you think your business could benefit from a boot washing station, then get in touch with our team today.

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