What is a stainless steel mixer tumbler?

The proper blending and mixing of ingredients is a simple yet crucial task if your business is to deliver top-quality products that are delicious (and safe) for consumers.

But have you ever considered investing in a stainless steel mixer tumbler for your food processing plant?

In this blog, we’ll explain more about stainless steel mixer tumblers, including their uses and how your business could benefit from one.

What are stainless steel mixer tumblers used for?

Whether it’s juices, baked goods or sauces, all types of processed foods need blending and mixing with precision – otherwise, they won’t taste right.

Mixer tumblers blend ingredients perfectly and enhance the presentation of your goods, ensuring no lumps.

A stainless steel mixer tumbler can also be used for meat marinating.

Although some preparation work is required, marinating is a quick and easy technique that’s guaranteed to improve the taste and texture of any type of meat or poultry. Using a tumbler will make sure that every piece of meat is covered with the marinade, allowing consumers to enjoy succulent, tender and flavoursome products.

When used for vegetable marinating or mixing, they will give different vegetables a good mix to infuse their flavours.

Stainless steel mixer tumblers can be used to convey sweets and other confectionaries, too – delicately blending the ingredients before they are formed and packaged up, ready to be sold on the shelf.

What are the advantages of using a stainless steel mixer tumbler?

  • Product consistency

The quality of your products needs to be consistent across your entire production line. This means that each batch should be made from evenly mixed ingredients.

A stainless steel mixer tumbler allows processors to achieve consistent results every time.

  • Versatility

Tumble blending is perfect for processing solids and liquids.

Depending on the layout of your processing facility, and how much space is available, you may decide to opt for a free-standing or mobile model.

Free-standing tumblers are ideal if you have plenty of room, whereas mobile tumblers make it easier to relocate as and when you need to.

  • Ease of cleaning

Mixer tumblers boast 304 stainless steel construction, meaning they’re incredibly durable, offer excellent corrosion resistance and are easy to sanitise.

Most tumblers have an open frame that makes them even easier to clean and maintain – ensuring high standards are retained in the processing plant.

Sometimes, mixer tumblers for food come with removable lids to prevent ingredients from falling out as they rotate, helping to minimise mess.

  • Optimal efficiency

Stainless steel mixer tumblers usually offer variable speed controls.

Not only do you get to choose the speed it safely rotates your food goods, but you can set it so that it shuts off after a specific number of revolutions – saving both time and money.

Ready to invest in a stainless steel mixer tumbler?

Here at Stainless Steel Manufacturing & Equipment Ltd (SSME), we are proud to supply a selection of food conveyors, including stainless steel mixer tumblers.

As with all of the products we supply and manufacture, our stainless steel mixers are of exceptionally high quality and they’re easy to clean.

Providing you wipe them down in between uses, you won’t need to worry about food or ingredient residue being left behind. Nor will bacteria spread and compromise the health and safety of consumers.

For more information about our stainless steel mixer tumblers, or to discuss your processing requirements in further detail, give us a call on 0121 661 6346.

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