How can your industry benefit from a lazy Susan turntable?

Looking to optimise your production line?

Increasing the flexibility and speed of production processes, while keeping costs to a minimum, is one of the biggest yet most important challenges manufacturers face these days.

But what if we told you that we had the perfect solution to optimise your assembly line – boosting productivity, reducing waste, and mitigating accidents?

Read on to find out more about industrial lazy Susans and why you should consider investing in one.

What is a lazy Susan?

A lazy Susan – sometimes called a rotary table – is a type of table that’s typically used in packaging and shipping operations.

It incorporates a rotating disc (or turntable) on the top and can be spun to allow workers to access different areas of the table without having to move their feet.

What can a rotary table be used for?

Although they can be used to serve food and provide a space-saving kitchen and pantry storage solution, lazy Susans are widely used throughout many different areas of manufacturing.

They make it easy to load or discharge products as part of the production line – enhancing productivity in a way that’s cost-effective – and they can also be used for handling and labelling tasks.

In the food industry, a lazy Susan turntable can be used to pack small items, such as herbs and spices. As the table rotates, the packer can process the products whilst they accumulate. This essentially speeds up the production process, with guide rails ensuring that products stay in place – minimising waste.

Rotary tables can also be beneficial for retailers, offering a simple yet effective solution for packing small parts and accessories, without putting any undue stress on workers’ bodies.

What benefits can a lazy Susan bring to your industry?

As a proud stockist of industrial lazy Susan turntables, perhaps you could call us biased. But the truth is, our rotary tables are designed to suit the most diverse demands. Regardless of the industry you work in, we’re confident we can supply a solution that enhances your production line.

Every one of our lazy Susans is ergonomically designed with ease of use and long-lasting durability in mind.

Featuring smooth roller bearings, rotary tables are capable of handling thousands of pounds of weight, which makes them ideal for all sorts of products.

They can also be tailored to your workers’ individual needs – ensuring maximum comfort and productivity. For example, height-adjustable feet allow you to raise or lower the turntable for different workers, helping to reduce fatigue and back problems associated with improper lifting or overstretching.

On top of this, industrial turntables are perfect for hygienic product handling, which is crucial in the food processing industry! Boasting an innovative design, they’re easy to clean and maintain in between uses – preventing cross-contamination.

Something else worth noting about lazy Susan rotary tables is that their stainless steel construction helps to deliver lasting efficiency. With one of these dependable tables in your factory, you can feed and sort products at various stages throughout the production process for many years to come.

Want to know more?

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