The Benefits of Using Stainless Steel Equipment in Catering

Stainless steel as a material is everywhere in society – from the knives and forks that we eat with to the safety railings that protect us from falls. This incredible alloy is used in manufacturing and construction as well as utilities, automotive parts and household objects – but just why is it so ubiquitous? And what makes it so useful in the catering business especially?

Corrosion Resistance

The primary benefit of stainless steel versus its competitors in the catering industry is its corrosion resistance. Where ordinary steel must be treated carefully or it will begin to rust – rendering it unsafe for use in food preparation – stainless steel will resist this corrosion and stay shiny and chemically sound throughout its working life.
This resistance also translates into a resistance to corrosion by the acids contained in most foods, making stainless steel a great choice for use in the catering industry, where other metals would begin to corrode almost immediately.


Made with a predominantly steel material blend containing small amounts of chromium, stainless steel is an incredibly strong material, and lends itself well to construction and component manufacture. Complex machinery like food processors, conveyors and washers can be made from stainless steel, as this hardy, tough metal will resist damage and wear out extremely slowly, even in moving parts. This makes stainless steel machinery very cost effective for the food industry, and lends itself well to attempts to streamline production and make an industry more efficient.

Easily-Maintained and Hygienic

Stainless steel equipment is extremely easy to clean and keep in good condition. You won’t need to worry so much about rusting or corrosion, so you can use a range of cleaning chemicals and polishes to keep it looking great – and, more importantly in the food industry – keep it hygienic and safe. Usually a case of wiping clean, stainless steel catering equipment can be kept up to the most stringent food safety codes with relative ease, saving you time, money and effort and making sure your customers are safe and happy.


Relatively inexpensive, stainless steel is a real wonder material. It needs far less maintenance than other types of steel to remain safe and effective, doesn’t corrode, and exhibits excellent strength and durability. These traits all synergise to make stainless steel an incredibly long-lasting, hardy material, and the natural choice for the catering industry.

This long lifespan and high performance makes stainless steel a very cost-effective option, reducing the burden of maintenance and replacement parts on the business and reducing the likelihood of a breakdown or malfunction halting production at any point.

With these advantages in mind, it is clear why stainless steel is the material of choice in the catering industry, and in a huge range of other industries too! For more information on the benefits of stainless steel equipment, to discuss your requirements or to place an order, call our experts on 01216616346 today or visit the Stainless Steel Manufacturing & Equipment Ltd. website!

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