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Boot Washing Stations

Our boot washers are manufactured from high-quality stainless-steel and designed to suit any environment – particularly the rigours of processing and production plants.

Types of Boot Wash

No matter which boot wash you choose – whether it be an automatic sole washer, manual boot washer or automatic boot washer – problems caused by muddy boots will be a thing of the past.

Our boot washers are suitable for all types of footwear (shoes and boots) and can thoroughly clean both the soles and sides – ensuring employees don’t walk dirt or debris into hygienic environments.

  • Automatic: an automatic sole washer or full boot washer offers a convenient solution for cleaning footwear. At SSME, we can supply a fully-automatic and semi-automatic boot wash station – saving you the time, effort and mess of scrubbing them manually. Our automatic sole washer will control the dosing of water and detergent to ensure a thorough clean. All you need to do is place your foot into the washer and push the button, causing the brushes to rotate and mechanically remove debris.
  • Manual: a manual boot washing station is ideal for smaller companies with fewer employees. It can take slightly longer than their automatic counterparts but is slightly cheaper – providing a more cost-effective cleaning solution. At SSME, we supply a range of manual boot washers that are extremely flexible and space-saving. They’re designed to fit in the smallest of gaps but encourage all members of staff to clean their footwear properly on entry and exit.

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When it comes to choosing a boot washing station, we are confident that you’ll find what you’re looking for, here at SSME. If you’d like to know more about any of our boot wash stations, or to discuss your needs in further detail, call 0121 661 6346 or email

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