Manual Boot Washer


Manual boot wash stations, like the ones we supply at Stainless Steel Manufacturing & Equipment, are great for small to medium-sized processing areas and plants.

Our manual boot washer can be used for all types of footwear worn in production areas and is often used on entry and exit to prevent employees from walking debris into changing rooms and corridors.

Available in 1-4 stations, the manual boot washer comes with a high-density nylon base brush for scrubbing the soles of shoes and includes a convenient, water-fed, handheld boot brush that enables you to clean the top and sides of your boots and shoes.


  • Fully welded 304-grade stainless steel
  • Brushed dull polish finish
  • High-density nylon sole brush 
  • Water fed handheld boot brush 
  • Foot-operated valve
  • Floor mounted 
  • 11/4" waste outlet

The manual boot wash station is one of the most flexible units we supply and takes up minimal floor space. Designed to be convenient and easy to use, it is constructed from fully-welded 304 graded stainless steel and can easily be floor-mounted using the holes in the 3 mounting plates on the base of each leg.

How to use the Manual Boot Washer

To activate the manual boot washer, you simply place your foot on the base brushes within the trough, which actuates a valve mounted on the underside of the boot washer. Water the flows through the hose brush and enables you to effectively clean the boot from all angles– ensuring all dirt is removed.

Investing in a manual boot wash station will ensure your employees perform the necessary washing and disinfecting steps required for hygiene regulations.

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