Stainless Steel Coat Hook

SKU: ssme10pch

Although easily overlooked, the material used within your changing room can have a big impact on the longevity of  the room.

A staple when it comes to any changing room, stainless steel coat hooks are the preferred choice for many.

Stainless steel is an extremely durable material, making it ideal for coat hooks. Whether your coat hooks are used by hundreds of people daily or need to withstand significant weight, the strength of stainless steel makes it ideal for busy rooms.

From leisure centres and gyms to restaurants and hotel kitchens, coat hooks are found in a massive variety of changing room locations. This means the list of materials which could potentially contaminate your coat hooks is endless. From bacteria transferred in a catering environment, to germs in a swimming pool changing room, it’s important that your coat hooks are kept hygienic.

This is why we recommend stainless steel coat hooks. Not only is stainless steel easy to clean, but it is extremely unlikely to crack over time, meaning that it won’t become a breeding ground for unwanted bacteria.

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