Food Conveyors
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Food Conveyors

Stainless steel food conveyors are often the preferred choice of the food industry – and it’s no surprise when they can dramatically speed up the production process.

Here at Stainless Steel Manufacturing & Equipment, our team of design engineers offer a wealth of skill and expertise and can manufacture food conveyors to suit the needs of all customers. Choose from:

Food Conveyor Systems

Food conveyors are manufactured to suit various specifications and enable products to move along complex routes. They are carefully constructed from stainless steel to achieve the hygienic standards required by the food manufacturing industry.

Our food conveyor systems offer flexible installation. They can be designed to fit into your existing conveyor network or supplied and installed as a complete system.

Other benefits of food conveyors include the fact that they can travel at variable speeds, which are easily controlled. They also come with adjustable guide rails making it easier to transport products from one place to the next.

Stainless Steel Food Conveyors

Stainless steel food conveyors are used extensively across all sectors of the food industry, including meat and poultry, salads, ready meals and bakery. They provide extra strength without adding weight and offer excellent resistance to corrosion – meaning they won’t need to be replaced or repaired as often – and therefore saving you money.

All our food conveyors sit on a stainless steel conveyor beam which requires low maintenance. As well as this, our food conveyors offer quick belt access – allowing you to thoroughly clean it and eliminate the risk of cross-contamination.

No matter which stainless steel food conveyor you choose from SSME, we can tailor it to suit your industry requirements. Our food-grade modular belt food conveyors are supplied with a fully approved PU belt and V-groove tracking – preventing products from falling off at the sides or end whilst making the journey from processing to packaging.

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