Cone De-Boning Conveyor


Designed for efficient and hygienic cutting and filleting of chicken and various other poultry products – especially meats that come from non-uniform carcasses – we are proud to supply the bespoke Cone Deboning Conveyors, here at SSME.

As the eating habits of consumers have changed considerably over the years, the need for deboned poultry products is greater than ever before. Deboned meat is used widely as a raw material for popular convenience food products and also finds its way into an endless variety of end products – destined for markets all over the world.

The Cone Deboning Conveyor allows skilled employees to carry out work at their fixed tables and gives them time to achieve a higher yield – meeting the increasing demand for deboned poultry meats.

The conveyor belt helps to minimise handling requirements – creating a more favourable working environment, whilst reducing the risk of manual handling related injuries. The conveyor itself is made of stainless steel and is compact and versatile in use but, more importantly, complies with stringent hygiene standards.

The deboning line features a control cabinet that has a speed controller. This allows you to adjust the speed of the conveyor belt, as well as the portioning capacity.

Key benefits of the Cone Deboning Conveyor

  • Ergonomically designed to debone and portion poultry, including chicken, duck, geese and turkey
  • Variable speed control (depending on production requirements)
  • Assures higher capacity and greater efficiency
  • Safety switch system – emergency cut off wire
  • Easy to clean and maintain

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