Sandwich Assembly Conveyor


Get your sandwich assembly line moving with a trusted sandwich make-up conveyor from SSME. We supply a range of sandwich conveyors to transport your sandwich products reliably along the assembly line and ensure efficient production.

Using a sandwich conveyor makes sure that every element of the sandwich is exactly where it needs to be throughout production. And, as part of the design, there is also a start/stop button at the in-feed end allowing you to easily halt production if and when required.

A sandwich belt conveyor from SSME also incorporates a tubular-constructed rear shelf. Great for conveniently positioning ingredients in trays along the conveyor. This handy feature allows items to be easily reached, maximising efficiency and speeding up production time.

Cleaning the sandwich conveyor

It is essential that all equipment within your food production area is hygienic, and you must make sure that the sandwich assembly conveyor is regularly cleaned. All our systems have a quick release mechanism that allows you to quickly remove the belt for cleaning. It also allows you to properly sanitise the belt and prevent contamination.

Sandwich conveyor accessories

A range of accessories can be fitted to the conveyor belt, including:

  • cutting tables
  • packaging tables
  • product tray holders/shelves
  • depositors

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At SSME we make sure that all our sandwich belt conveyors are manufactured to the highest quality and priced competitively.

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