Stainless steel chain peg tab indexing conveyors


Designed to convey packed products, bottles and cans safely and hygienically, our Stainless Steel Chain Peg Tab Indexing Conveyor is a must-have for fast-paced production environments.

These indexing conveyors move goods in a series of steps instead of a continuous flow, allowing time for other functions to be completed (i.e. filling or dosing, labelling and packaging). Chain conveyors are rigidly mounted for stability, so you can trust that items won’t slide off!

Combining speed and accuracy, Chain Peg Tab Indexing Conveyors enhance indexing practices and ensure the smooth transition of items through production. On top of this, they boost productivity levels by transferring products and ingredients between different levels and heights at a controlled rate.

Key benefits of Stainless Steel Chain Peg Tab Indexing Conveyors

  • Made from 304-grade stainless steel, they are corrosion resistant
  • Boast a hygienic design and removable chains, making cleaning simpler
  • Equipped with emergency stop buttons
  • Reduce manual labour costs
  • Minimise margin for error
  • Easily integrate with other technologies in the production area

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