Stainless Steel Sanitising Conveyors

SKU: SSME12-Sani Con

At Stainless Steel Manufacturing & Equipment Ltd, we specialise in providing equipment that is safe to use in areas of high care, as well as low care. Our sanitising conveyors are ideal if you work within the pharmaceutical or food processing industry, however, we can customise conveyor belts to meet your specific requirements. Our conveyor are constructed from stainless steel with the ability to withstand high capacities - providing you with convenience no matter what products you are working with. The conveyor belt itself is composed of either wire mesh or open link modular which produce high percentage of open area within the belt to allow sanitising solutions to be sprayed onto the underside of the tray box.

How does it work?

1. Raw materials travel along the conveyor belt until they reach the gap.

2. This gap is filled nozzles that spray the sanitising solution.

3. The raw material will trigger a sensor that will start the sanitising spray.

4. You have control of the process by using the timer function.

5. The entire product will then be sanitised - reducing the risks of contamination.

6. After this, your raw materials will be rolled along the conveyor belt until they reach their designated area.

What are the benefits?

Not only are stainless steel sanitising conveyors easily accessible, they offer ease with maintenance and cleaning - ensuring that if you work with food, pharmaceutical or medical products, both they and the equipment used remain sanitised and reduced risk of any cross contamination.

The stainless steel sanitising conveyors we have at SSME are built to last - enabling you to save time and money in the long-run.

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