Stainless Steel Hygiene Equipment


SSME have a quality range of stainless steel products that are designed to keep everyone safe in a meticulously hygienic environment.

This includes everything from hose reels, carriers, and spray guns to gullies,  sterilisers, and waste management equipment.

Stainless steel hygiene equipment is typically found in the food and beverage industry where standards are exceptionally high, markets are demanding, and the margin for error is non-existent.

There are several reasons why stainless steel is the go-to choice for equipment in the food industry. For example, it offers inherent corrosion resistance, can be formed into complex shapes, is easily sterilised to prevent cross-contamination, and doesn’t impart any colour or flavour to food goods.

Though it’s mostly used in the food sector within manufacturing and processing plants, stainless steel hygiene equipment is also an excellent choice for businesses within the healthcare and pharmaceutical industry.


  • This metal does not rust or tarnish in the presence of water and other liquids
  • Best possible choices for transporting fluid waste products
  • Ideal for installation in damp environments such as food and chemical manufacturing and processing units, factories, restaurants, washrooms and showers
  • Long-lasting and effective
  • Stainless steel itself can be recycled at the end of the product's life

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