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Looking to improve access to areas that are above ground level? Then you need stainless steel step units from SSME.

Stainless Steel Step Units

We have a wide range of bespoke step units that provide a solid platform for those who need to access higher levels – preventing overstretching and reducing the risk of injury.

Our step units promote safety in the workplace by encouraging staff to use the appropriate equipment before attempting to balance, climb or use unsuitable equipment. Made from stainless steel, they are extremely reliable and provide a stable platform.

All our stainless steel step units are designed to the exact height or width that you require and suit your functionality and design requirements – allowing you to access high levels with ease.

Stainless Steel Gantries

Our stainless steel gantries are convenient. The great thing about our stainless steel gantries is that you can build around cooking vessels, conveyors and tanks etc or use  them to support machines like multi head weighers etc and give access for cleaning and maintenance. We supply them bespoke to match your exact needs.

Benefits of step units and gantries:

  • Step units are easy to manoeuvre – working in an environment where you need to access shelves at height or machines. They usually have wheels which makes them easy for you to transport from one area to the next.
  • Easy to clean – stainless steel is great for hygienic environments.
  • Enhance safety – eliminate the risk of slips, trips and accidents in the workplace. Stainless steel step units and gantries allow you to access equipment and machinery up high.
  • Stability – stainless steel step units and gantries make a great platform and are quick and easy to use.

Could our stainless-steel step units and gantries be beneficial to your business?

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