How could you benefit from Boot Washers?

If you’re looking to achieve the highest level of hygiene within an industrial environment, what better way to do so than to invest in boot washers from Stainless Steel Manufacturing & Equipment Ltd?

The boot washers that we supply at Stainless Steel Manufacturing & Equipment Ltd are designed to sanitise footwear effectively; essentially washing away any potential risks. Although the addition of a boot cleaning station is a simple one, it can also work out effective.

We highly recommend a boot cleaning station for demanding environments like the food processing industry. A stainless steel boot wash station will prevent the spread of pathogens and allow you to sustain a safe working environment.

Manual Vs. Automatic Boot Wash


Within our comprehensive collection of hygienic stations, you’re bound to come across the manual boot wash station. The manual stations are tailored more towards the requirements of smaller businesses and buildings, but this isn’t to say that they cannot suit all industries! The manual boot wash station is not only designed to be easy to operate but makes no compromise to functionality, allowing you to clean shoes properly.

Here at Stainless Steel Manufacturing & Equipment, we supply the manual boot wash to suit almost any environment, allowing you to utilise space effectively and to prevent the risk of contamination.


When compared to their manual counterparts, the automatic boot washer speeds up the cleaning process and is one of the easiest stations to operate. The automatic boot washer allows you to clean shoes effortlessly! The continual performance of the automatic boot washers makes them so desirable for various industrial applications.

Unlike the manual boot wash station, the automatic boot washer doesn’t require any additional tools and offers a higher level of efficiency and dependency.


Any stainless steel boot wash station that we supply at SSME incorporates a compact design and is innovative. Our boot washers are designed with the needs of construction sites in mind and are ideal for confined spaces. Choosing one of the hygienic stations will allow your employees to maintain their footwear, ensuring that any dirt or debris is removed before entering controlled environments.

No matter which of the stations you choose, whether it be an automatic boot washer or a manual one, they all provide a durable finish and perform efficiently.


When it comes to keeping your site clean, you cannot go wrong with a boot cleaning station from SSME! A boot wash station is said to be a simple yet effective method for removing dirt and mud, saving you the time and effort.

The automatic boot washer is ideal if you’re looking for a cleaning solution that performs consistently, allowing your members of staff to clean their shoes quickly and easily.


For industries that are looking to encourage employees to perform the necessary steps of cleaning and disinfecting footwear before entering hygienic areas, the boot cleaning station is perfect and easy to incorporate into a daily routine. Ranging from single boot wash stations, automatic stations and hygienic stations to compact units and sanitising turnstiles, we are confident that you’ll find something that complements your working environment!

The boot washers are ideal for companies that are in pursuit of high hygienic standards; does this apply to you?

To find out more about the stainless steel boot wash station, simply call us on 0121 661 6346 today.

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