Easy ways to make your workplace COVID-secure

With the government guidelines constantly changing, the list of countries and territories exempt from quarantine getting shorter and shorter, and the number of furloughed jobs increasing, these are very uncertain times that we find ourselves in. And it’s difficult to say when (if ever at all) normal service will be resumed. What we can tell you is that, as an employer, it is your duty to protect yourself and your employees from COVID-19.

Here we look at some simple – yet effective – practices to consider implementing at your workplace:


It may seem obvious, but when you cough, sneeze or blow your nose, you should always wash your hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds. It’s also good practice to wash them before eating or preparing food, after going to the toilet, leaving a public place or touching the face.

Using signs and posters is a great way to remind staff of the importance of washing their hands, but it’s also worth providing additional handwashing facilities.

Take a look at our sanitiser turnstile units here. Best installed on entry and exit points to ensure everyone sanitises their hands, these can effectively reduce the risk of contamination in the workplace.

Cleaning and disinfecting

As the UK’s battle with the coronavirus continues, the need to keep hygienic areas clean and sanitised is greater than ever before. Now, for many companies, this means increasing how often and thoroughly they clean their workroom.

An ideal place to start is to identify frequently touched surfaces, including shared equipment, desks, doors, fridges, handrails and phones, and deep clean them after use where possible, or at least once a day.

    Introduce one-way systems

    Many businesses and public areas have put one-way systems in place to reduce contact and aid social distancing – meaning that previously unused spaces will be subject to increased
    footfall. If you haven’t done so already, you should consider doing the same to make your building COVID-secure and, the good news is, there is a simple solution.

    Though typically used to provide staff with a stable platform, making it easy for them to access shelves and machinery high up, step units and gantries have wheels so are easy to manoeuvre and position in the workplace. This is great if you need to give an alternative route to eliminate the passing of operatives on site walkways, corridors or stairways. Constructed from stainless steel, they’re also easy to clean which makes them a great choice for hygienic environments.

      Install more washroom equipment

      Is your business lacking handwashing facilities? If space is at a premium and soap and water isn’t readily available, staff should be advised to keep a bottle of hand sanitiser handy – preferably one that contains at least 60% alcohol.

      But if you have the luxury of space, now is the ideal time to get more sinks and basins to ensure your team can wash their hands properly. From Belfast and bucket sinks to sensor and knee-operated models, there are plenty of options available. We even provide bespoke units which are designed to suit your unique requirements. Shop our range of stainless steel sinks and washroom equipment today.

      If you have any questions about the stainless steel equipment we provide or would like further guidance on how to make your business safe for workers post lockdown, get in touch with our experts. You can either call us on 0121 661 6346 or send an email to sales@ssmeltd.co.uk, and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

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