Top 4 reasons why your site needs a boot washer

Muddy boots are not just the bane of site cleaners’ lives but a potential health and safety hazard, too.

When lodged in the soles of boots, foreign objects, chemicals, dirt, and bacteria can contaminate the working environment – putting employees and visitors at risk.

Whilst you could politely remind all workers to check their footwear before entering the site cabin, vehicles, or plant equipment and remove any large chunks of mud or debris, it’s not always practical.

Boot washers are a fantastic solution for keeping those mucky boots from making a mess.

What is a boot washer?

Boot washers offer a unique method of cleaning boots.

Instead of expecting everyone to wash their boots manually, which can be extremely time-consuming and dangerous, these systems are designed to clean the soles, sides, and tops of work boots with minimal bending or scrubbing required.

Some boot washers are powered manually whilst others are automatic.

With a manual boot wash station, you place one foot into the trough and onto the base brushes. This activates a valve under the boot wash and you can use a water-fed handheld boot brush to clean your boot thoroughly from all angles.

Once you’ve done one boot, repeat the process for your other boot.

Automatic boot washers are even more straightforward to use. Simply place one boot onto the machine and press the button which is conveniently positioned on the handle. After pressing the button, the horizontal brush and sprays will start to rotate. And to complete the sanitising process, water dosed in chemical detergent will be sprayed onto the brushes, targeting the soles, sides, and uppers.

Four ways a boot washer can benefit your site

1. Boot washers reduce contamination

Boots can pick up objects, such as glass, chemicals, and contaminants. Failure to keep things clean can result in contamination, which can impact on hygiene and safety.

Maintaining cleanliness on-site is crucial, and having a boot washer for staff and visitors to sanitise their footwear on entry will prevent the transfer of contamination in your site cabin, site vehicles, and plant equipment.

2. Boot washers prevent slips and falls on-site

Muddy work boots are inevitable if you work outside in all weathers. Aside from being mighty frustrating for site cleaners, though, messy boots can increase the risk of slips and falls in and around the workplace.

Ensuring that your workforce use boot washers to sanitise their footwear will prevent accidents from occurring on-site, making it safer for everyone.

3. Boot washers are convenient

Scrubbing boots by hand is a dirty job. Depending on how much debris they have accumulated over time, they can take a significant amount of time to clean, too.

Boot washers – especially the automatic units – provide a quick and hands-free solution for cleaning dirty work boots. They are easy to install, use, and maintain. Plus, you needn’t worry about bending down and untying your laces!

4. Boot washers are capable of surviving harsh environments

Most boot washers are lightweight, which means they can be easily moved to a specific area of your site.

Though they are best installed at the entrance to your building and at the exit of your site to encourage people to use them, these systems are extremely durable and can survive the toughest of conditions.

Ready to invest in a boot washer?

Here at Stainless Steel Manufacturing Equipment (SSME), we stock a wide range of boot washers – including manual and automatic units.

Made from high-quality stainless steel, these are guaranteed to withstand the rigours in harsh environments and provide a fast and efficient cleaning solution for hygienic areas.

Check out the different options we provide and identify the most suitable one for your site. If you’re unsure or need an expert opinion, get in touch with the team at SSME today.

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