What Is A Stainless Steel Conveyor, And Why Do You Need One?

Do you need to convey products safely and efficiently throughout the manufacturing process? Ever considered investing in a stainless steel conveyor?

Here the team at Stainless Steel Manufacturing & Equipment (SSME) explain everything you need to know about these systems – including their key uses and the benefits they can bring to your food and beverage business.

What is a stainless steel conveyor belt?

A stainless steel conveyor is a conveying system designed to handle raw and finished products at all stages – from processing through to packaging.

At SSME, we provide stainless steel conveyor systems in a selection of styles and sizes and are confident we can supply a suitable solution for your facilities.

Though we can’t speak for all manufacturers, our conveyor belts are fabricated in food-grade stainless steel, a material that can resist extreme temperatures and wear and tear.

What are stainless steel conveyor used for?

Stainless steel conveyor systems are an essential piece of apparatus in the food processing industry. They convey goods in a simple yet effective way, helping to optimise production.

Aside from allowing you to meet growing customer demands, food conveyors enhance safety in the workplace. As fewer members of staff are required to walk around the facility – carrying heavy loads between different stages – the risk of injuries and accidental damage is reduced.

Another great thing about our modular stainless steel food conveyor is that they are easy to clean and eliminate cross-contamination. They feature PU belt or modular type belts which are easy to wipe clean in between uses.

How could a stainless steel conveyor system benefit you?

Here at SSME, we understand that food production plants need to be hygenic to ensure compliance with stringent food safety standards. That’s why our food conveyors are incredibly hygienic and we supply a variety of food-grade belts to suit your needs.

When you purchase a conveyor belt from us, you can relax knowing that it’s easy to wash and sanitise day after day, month after month. You won’t need to worry about it harbouring bacteria and your products being contaminated.

Although we can assure you that our stainless steel conveyor systems are manufactured to an exceptionally high standard, we also pride ourselves on offering some of the most affordable prices around. This means you can invest in top-quality apparatus for your facility – boosting productivity and efficiency – without breaking the bank.

Invest in a stainless steel food conveyor today

If you’d like to maximise efficiency or improve your production line, a stainless steel food conveyor system is exactly what you need.

The team at SSME is always on hand to help and will gladly discuss your requirements in further detail – helping you to make an informed decision for your business.

If you have any questions about our food-grade stainless steel conveyors, or you’d like to get the ball rolling straight away, be sure to give us a call on         0121 661 6346.

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