Stainless Steel Rotary Turntables
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Stainless Steel Lazy Suzy Rotary Turntable

We supply the Lazy Susan Turntable, which is a Stainless Steel Turntable, to meet and exceed the requirements of all industries. We aim to satisfy even the most diverse demands, including those based in the food, drink, pharmaceuticals, packaging and production industry, ensuring that all equipment is manufactured to the highest quality and made to last.

Stainless Steel Turntable

The Stainless Steel Turntable is just one of the products that we are proud to supply at SSME and is available in various sizes.

A turntable that’s made from stainless steel is a cost-efficient investment to make, especially if you’re looking to maximise the efficiency of production.

We supply the Stainless Steel Turntable in a range of sizes to make it easier for you to find products that will fit perfectly within your industrial setting. When it comes to accumulating products evenly, you cannot go wrong with the Stainless Steel Turntable- it’s specifically designed to bring work closer to the user.

Design of the Lazy Susan Turntable

Unlike other turntables, the Lazy Susan Turntable is specifically created for the food industry. As a Rotary Turntable, a rotating tray is placed on a table or countertop to assist with the distribution of food.

Although it is generally manufactured from stainless steel, some customers prefer turntables that are made from white polyethylene. The Lazy Suzy Turntable is not only designed to improve the efficiency of production and packaging but can also regulate the feed.

Features of the Lazy Susan Turntable

The Lazy Suzy Turntable uses the work surface efficiently, ultimately reducing tension and stress, allowing you to complete tasks quicker and boost productivity.

Choosing the Rotary Turntable will allow you to handle products effectively and to sustain quality throughout the production and packaging process. Our turntables incorporate chemical resistance and are considerably easy to keep clean and sterile, ensuring that your industry meets stringent health and safety standards.

A turntable can improve the safety of the operator and reduces product piling at the end of the line; could you benefit from one of our turntables?

Benefits of the Rotary Turntable

As with any stainless steel equipment, the Lazy Suzy Turntable is manufactured to withstand impacts and to be long-lasting, providing you with exceptional value for your money. Here at SSME, we supply the Lazy Suzy Turntable with retaining bands and rings to suit but you also have the option to choose the speed that your equipment operates at.

With the Rotary Turntables, there are fixed speeds or variable speeds available, so there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be able to find equipment that matches your project needs perfectly!

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